Feature Profile: Adair Gardens

I'm so excited to share our April Feature with you…
one of my favourite fellow biz owner friends, Amy Fogo of ADAIR GARDENS
Amy and I met in December at a women's business event. You know that feeling when you just know you like someone? That happened. And we have stayed in touch and supported each other ever since!
Adair Garden's is a flower farm located near North Augusta, Ontario. Amy's story touches my heart, as I know it will yours too…
“My name is Amy, and Adair Gardens is a long-time dream that is finally coming true. Growing flowers is in my genes. I learned from the best - my mum was an incredible gardener, always ensuring that our home was filled with fresh flowers and vegetables. Though I am incredibly excited about this new venture, the feelings are bitter sweet. My mum passed away unexpectedly in February of 2020, and this was something that we had always talked about doing together. Her absence reminds me every day that life is short, and I feel incredibly grateful for the chance to make this happen.”

Q & A with Amy: 

When did you start?
I've had a big flower garden here at the farm for the last 10+ years, but the business was born in the fall of 2020 and 2021 was my first official season growing flowers to sell commercially.

What is your favourite part/what area of your business are you most passionate about?
I really enjoy the whole cycle of growing things (mostly) from seed - starting the seeds, tending the seedlings, planting them, caring for the plants as they grow, harvesting and finally combining the different flowers into bouquets and arrangements. I actually didn't really know what my design style would be like when I had a much wider variety of flowers and foliage to work with. But, of course the best part is sharing the flowers - they bring a lot of joy to people in different ways and I'm enjoying meeting customers and getting to know them.

Where can readers find you and connect with you?
We are at the North Augusta Farmer's Market every Saturday morning from late spring through to Thanksgiving, and readers can follow along with our journey on Facebook - Adair Gardens and Instagram - @adairgardens. Our website is https://adair-gardens-flower-farm.square.site/

Thank you so much for being you, Amy. I'm so excited to watch your business GROW & BLOOM this season!! 
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