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Rudie Jo

Sage Citrus Cotton Rounds | Set of 5

Sage Citrus Cotton Rounds | Set of 5

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These reusable cotton rounds are made from soft, high-quality organic cotton and come in a set of 5. They also come in a convenient mesh bag, making it easy to wash them and take them to-go for travel.

The perfect solution for removing makeup, toning, and applying face creams. The gentle material won't irritate or scratch your skin, making them suitable for all skin types. Their versatile size and shape make them perfect for use on your face, neck, and even around your delicate eye area.

To wash, put used cotton rounds in the mesh bag and add them to your usual laundry load. Lay flat to dry and reuse!

● Each set contains 5 cotton rounds and 1 mesh bag
● Cotton rounds are cut to standard 2.5" in diameter
● Mesh bag measures 5"x7"

(See listings for matching scrunchies & makeup bags too!)

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