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Rudie Jo

Cozy Fall Candle Bundle

Cozy Fall Candle Bundle

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Bundle includes four, 16oz Antique Candle Co. candles (Fall Harvest, Vanilla Chai, Apple Pickin’ and Salted Caramel) with up to 80 hours of burn time in each of our 16 oz candles, for a total of up to 360 hours of burn time in this bundle and a SAVINGS of $12!!!

Fall Harvest is a sweet and cozy autumn blend with fresh apple and orange peel, highlighted with warm notes of spicy cinnamon, clove, and vanilla. This fruity and spiced fragrance features a moderate strength that captures the coziest feelings of the autumn season.

Vanilla Chai is a warm aroma of steeped tea with cozy blends of cardamom, clove, and nutmeg, mixed with sweet notes of vanilla, sugar, and cinnamon. This bakey and spiced fragrance features a subtle strength that is perfect for cozy, sweater weather days.

Salted Caramel is a cozy scent of homemade caramel candies with a sweet and creamy blend of sugar, butter, and vanilla, topped with fresh sea salt. This bakey fragrance features a strong strength that you can almost taste with its rich, deliciously sweet aroma.

Apple Pickin is a bright scent of sweet Macintosh apples freshly picked from a sunny orchard - also Rudie’s current FAVE!! SO DELICIOUS!


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