Feature Profile: Trailblazher Co.

Our May Feature is a very special one! I am so honoured and grateful that Erin and Jan of Trailblazher Co graciously gave me their time for this collaboration.  Trailblazher Co produces an incredible seasonal magazine that celebrates and showcases the lifestyles and businesses of resilient, gutsy rural women across North America. Not only is the content breathtaking, but the quality of the magazine is absolutely beautiful. 

Read on to learn more about the incredible things that Erin and Jan are doing for our rural women community! 

When did you start your business?
We first began our mother/daughter business partnership in 2000, over 21 years ago, as a creative design business with a line of print-produced hand-painted greeting cards. That evolved over time to providing many different services (website development/design, branding, marketing collateral, course development) to clients that utilized our individual skills and talents. Jan has always developed the written content and messages and Erin has the graphic design talent to convey and translate the story. Trailblazher Co is our latest evolution that began in 2020 around the same time as Covid was beginning.
What is your favourite part / what area of your business are you most passionate about?
Trailblazher magazine is a perfect representation of everything we love doing and the people (women) we love working with. Within the Trailblazher Co brand we also have a membership where we get to connect, support and offer the wisdom we have gained through our years in business together. We love what is growing through these two avenues and have plans developing for our future offerings!
Where is the best place for readers to find and connect with you?
On Instagram you can find us @trailblazherco
On Facebook we are Trailblazher Co
Our website is www.trailblazherco.com

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