Product Spotlight 🤩

Product Spotlight 🤩

I am lucky enough to work with so many incredible businesses and I want to dive a bit deeper into some of our on-going partners so that you can learn even more about what they do and what makes their products unique.

First up we have Antique Candle Co.

Find them here:



I am a bit biased here because I CANNOT get enough of their candles – they smell amazing and always make me feel so cozy.

They have an incredible story of how they reached the place they are today too.

“Shortly after graduating college, Brittany found herself stuck in a demanding job that left little time for the things that matter most in life. After making the bold decision to leave her job, she turned to candle making as a creative outlet. Brittany started experimenting with fragrances in her own kitchen and spent every day making candles until she had perfected the recipe and was convinced she made the best smelling candles ever!

After gifting her candles to friends and family (including antique coffee tin candles!), Brittany knew she had something special. She sat down at her dining room table and began to dream about what the future could look like. In 2014, Brittany took a leap of faith and started Antique Candle Co.® with just an idea, business plan, and $200 worth of candle-makin' supplies. 

What started as a family business (Brittany’s husband, younger brother, and sweet little pug) quickly grew into a fun-loving candle crew of 50. Eight years later, Antique Candle Co.® is still sharing vintage-inspired, artisan soy candles with friends, while being a light in the local community and holding true to the same values as always.”

A bit of passion, determination and drive can push you towards your dreams for your business or life!


At Rudie Jo we love Antique Candle Co. and have many different scents in stock but if you’re looking for suggestions my favourite 3 scents are:




2. Momma’s Kitchen 👩‍🍳 (restocking in our fall launch!!)


3. Clean Cotton 



We carry multiple sizes of candles (8oz. & 16oz.) as well as wax melts and if you have ever heard of Antique Candle Co. you probably know about their famous sample packs and you better believe we have those too!


No one really wants to think about cooler weather, but Fall is around the corner and although I am soaking in every last minute of summer I cannot wait for cooler nights, warm blankets and the smell of an Antique Candle Co. candle burning.


Have you tried one of the candles before? What is your favourite?



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