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Rudie Jo

English Alphabet Flashcards

English Alphabet Flashcards

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These watercolor, A-Z cards are perfect for classroom and school decor and are a great tool for homeschooling and teaching young children to read. Each alphabet set contains 26 hand painted watercolor cards with upper and lowercase letters. Each card features a nature / homestead painting. The ABC cards are printed on heavy duty cardstock paper for durability.

Each card measures 4x6 inches. Aa is for apples, Bb is for bird, Cc is for carrot, Dd is for duck, Ee is for egg, Ff is for fox, Gg is for goat, Hh is for hollyhock, Ii is for ivy, Jj is for jam, Kk is for kale, Ll is for lavender, Mm is for mushroom, Nn is for nectarine, Oo is for onion, Pp is for poppy, Qu is for quilt, Rr is for radish, Ss is for sunflower, Tt is for tomato, Uu is for umbrella, Vv is for vegetable, Ww is for wild rose, Xx is for eXplorer, Yy is for yarrow, Zz is for zinnia

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